9 Sept 2014

side b, track 1, from my forthcoming weissenborn/tape loops/preparations album 'man and the echo', to be released in the next few weeks on 180 gram deluxe coloured vinyl and digital download. go to the catalogue tab and click on the album cover to pre-order... limited edition of 250 copies! digital download version available too!

From "The Black Death and The Dancing Mania”
by Justus Friedrich Karl Hecker 1832
[Chapter 3 - The Dancing Mania in Abyssinia, Section 1 - Tigtretier]

"This gives so much the more importance to a disease but cursorily alluded to in the foregoing pages, which exists in Abyssinia, and which nearly resembles the original mania of the St. John’s dancers, inasmuch as it exhibits a perfectly similar ecstasy, with the same violent effect on the nerves of motion. It occurs most frequently in the Tigre country, being thence call Tigretier, and is probably the same malady which is called in Ethiopian language Astaragaza.”