"He keeps enough of the instrument's essential sound up front to make you aware of the musical and conceptual ground that he covers each time he splits a luau-worthy tone into a bouquet of blooming loops or lets it unspool into a puddle of tape."
[Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine, 22.03.16]
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[Jason Kennedy, Hi Fi +, Issue 126, August '15]

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"Radiantly beautiful acoustic guitar music of the adventurous variety."
[Jason Kennedy, @EditorTheEar, 23.06.15]

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[Rob Turner, The Wire, Issue 374, April '15]

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"This is a guitar lover’s album. An opportunity to experience the possibilities of guitar music, freed from genres and allowed to exist as a wild animal of its own accord...All in all it’s remarkable progressive music contained in a remarkable package. It’s that simple."
[Bob Baker Fish, Cyclic Defrost, 27.02.15]
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"Notable is the superb quality of the recording! Crystal clear and very well balanced, like sitting next to him or better inside his instrument! The microtonality of every scratch and plug of the strings is reproduced in its full spectrum."
[, 03.03.15]
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"Rainier’s soulful performance of these little-known works by Partch is the most engaging and seamless combination of research and performance I have ever witnessed on a concert stage." 
[Matthew Lorenzon, Partial Durations / RealTime, 23.12.13]
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