6 May 2014

as some of you may know, i've recently finished the recording, mixing and mastering of my new solo record "man and the echo" - the first album on which i've used my weissenborn acoustic lap steel.
from the outset of the project i've been set on releasing it on vinyl [which will include a digital download of the album]. however, pressing vinyl is expensive in its initial outlay, and so i've decided to dip my toes into the world of crowdfunding via the website pozible.
over the next 48 days i will attempt to raise AUD$2200 to produce the first run of 250 copies of the record.
if you pledge towards my campaign, you will receive various rewards depending on your generosity! check 'em out!
in its simplest form, you can essentially pre-order the album in various formats.


when pledging, you can either sign in with your facebook account, or with your email address. there is also an option for your donation to be anonymous.
your pledge amount will not be deducted unless i reach or exceed the AUD$2200 target.

i would appreciate if you could extend your support by sharing this link with anyone who may be interested, even if you're not :)...

if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them.

[the above photograph - which will be the cover image of the record - is taken from the book "aku-aku" by tho heyerdahl. copyright (c) gyldenhal norsk foreleg as 1957, gyldenhal literature]